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Deliver maximum customer satisfaction and key IT metrics with essential ITIL processes such as Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management..

Express Software Manager—ITAM

Express Software Manager® is a world-class IT asset management solution designed specifically for organisations seeking significant reductions in software audit risk, license spending, and IT overhead.

mApp™ Solutions

Cherwell integrated service management—or mApp solutions—are applications that integrate with the Cherwell Service Management (CSM) platform, enabling customers and partners to quickly and easily install and merge specific new functionality or capabilities.

Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) delivers IT service management (ITSM), business and workforce enablement. The CSM platform, featuring codeless configuration and 11 PINKVerify™ ITIL®-certified processes, empowers IT departments to provide amazing service and even go beyond ITSM. Choose your device with the CSM browser client, desktop client and native mobile applications for Android™ and iOS®. CSM’s interactive self-service portal offers your customers the convenience they expect. Rely on one of the highest availability cloud infrastructures in the industry or deploy on-premise – and switch anytime. Cherwell’s flexible, straightforward licensing and pricing model puts you in control. 

Cherwell mergeable applications (mApp™ solutions) are an easy way to extend the CSM platform. Easily add advanced capabilities such as: IT project tracking, release management, risk management, facilities management, or human resources into existing CSM installations without writing any code. Future upgrades are seamless and will not break your configurations. 

Cherwell Service Management Features

Configurable and Codeless

With Cherwell IT Service Management, “codeless” means truly codeless—Java®, Jelly, SQL or data-level programming is not required. Cherwell Software leads the market in configurability according to a recent independent survey by ITSM Review. Enhancements such as One-Step™ variables, integration with Splunk® logging, new prompt capabilities, advanced record locking, and a system analyzer for troubleshooting and performance assessment make the IT service management platform even better. You now have the ITSM tools to meet changing business needs at any time. Upgrades on the CSM platform are always seamless and won’t break your configurations.

Dashboards and Reporting

Cherwell IT Service Management delivers premium business value dashboards at your fingertips—the right information at the right time—with automatic updates. Leverage Cherwell ITSM Software for modern, multidimensional reporting and configurable alerts and drilldowns, generating the right reports for all business technology leaders and IT service desk managers in your organisation. And with CSM service management software, business users can access dashboards and business intelligence with no extra licenses required.

Self Service Customer Portal

As a business technology leader or IT service desk manager, maximize limited resources and increase customer satisfaction with our efficient Cherwell IT Service Management self-service portal—our customers report up to 65% productivity increases. ITSM implementation is made easy, even as your organization expands, with the ability to easily consolidate multiple portals into a single site and drive higher usage levels throughout your service desk customer basel.

Mobile ITSM

Rely on anytime, anywhere access to your ITSM tools via mobile browser and native iOS® and Android™ to manage your business—as well as your IT service desk. With the power of Cherwell IT Service Management, it’s like having a modern, on-demand business GPS in your pocket—as a business technology leader or service desk manager, make decisions and manage by exception from anywhere.

Cherwell Service Management Mobility

Make decisions on the move with Cherwell Mobile™. Use any mobile browser, native Android™ app, or native iOS® app. Choose the right one for your specific business requirements and work anytime, anywhere. With Cherwell Mobile, you can now deliver actionable business intelligence and dashboards to executives and everyone else in your organization—without consuming a license. Quickly deploy our ready-made, out-of-the-box dashboards, or easily configure your own dashboards with convenient widgets. And best of all, leverage the full power of Cherwell Service Management® (CSM), optimized for mobile users in different roles—across your entire business.  For other popular phones and tablets such as Android, BlackBerry, and Windows, the CSM mobile browser offers the same powerful dashboards and access to records as Cherwell Mobile.

Cherwell Mobile for iOS

  • Native iOSapp designed specifically for ITSM technicians—delivers:
  • Access to CSM on all iOS 7.0 devices, including any iPhone, iPad and iPad Air—and backwards-compatible to iOS 5.0
  • Quick resolution of issues and real-time record editing from anywhere
  • Location awareness to quickly isolate any IT incident or asset (accuracy to 9 feet depending on device and environment)
  • Instant access to all custom business objects
  • Improved customer service with full data access (including record attachments) and record drilldown capabilities from anywhere

Cherwell Mobile for Android

Offers mobile dashboards and built-in business intelligence, map view and location awareness, user-configurable mobile alerts, on demand reporting, quick search, camera-oriented features and barcode scanning. For the first time in the service management industry, the native Android application delivers unique consumerization features such as Gesture Recognition (which allows the app to instantly interpret touch gestures and other common user gestures); Enhanced Voice Search, and Pinboards, (which permit customers to create their own pinboards and pin tasks, search results, or other items of interest). Cherwell Mobile also provides advanced integration and high performance, taking advantage of all features of the latest Android market devices.

What are mApp solutions?

Quickly adding functionality is simple with Cherwell mergeable applications (or mApp solutions). The new wizard-driven integrations menu built into the Cherwell Service Management 5.0 platform enables you to merge new capabilities and apps into your existing installation without writing any code.

Cherwell "mergeable applications"—or mApp solutions—are applications that work with the Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) platform, enabling customers and partners to quickly and easily install and merge new functionality or capabilities. mApp solutions can integrate advanced system capabilities such as: IT Project Tracking, Release Management, Facilities, Risk Management, and Human Resources, to a CSM installation. Using mApp solutions can enable your business and empower your workforce to go beyond traditional IT systems management. 

Cherwell Software mApp Exchange
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Integrated Service Management

CSM provides various levels of integration, and mApp solutions offer the most advanced level of integration—providing system definitions (such as Business Objects/fields, forms, grids, relationships, One-Step™ actions, Search Groups, etc.) that can be transferred between databases so that functionality can be merged seamlessly. mApp technology can be built by Cherwell customers or partners, and then exchanged in either an open-source or commercial model. Merging mApp solutions is easy and codeless so that you can expand functionality without complex application development.

Cherwell Software customers and partners can find, exchange and collaborate on a variety of new and exciting mApp packages on Cherwell’s community-driven mApp Exchange. Learn how to upload mApps, share with your peers and maximize your Cherwell Software ITSM integration.

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PinkVERIFY ITIL Processes & ITSM Product Catalog

Pink VerifyCherwell Service Management® (CSM) is an integrated suite of ITSM applications with a comprehensive set of powerful features and processes to help you efficiently configure, manage, and run your IT service desk. CSM has been awarded ITIL® PinkVERIFY™ certification for 11 ITIL processes, all to enable IT organizations to provide extraordinary customer service.

Deliver maximum customer satisfaction and key IT metrics with essential ITIL processes such as Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management. CSM automatically collects similar incidents to aid in first call resolution, and easily links problems to incidents to help you resolve issues more quickly. Leverage Release Management, Event Management and Knowledge Management to take your service desk to the next level—use more than 400 knowledge articles provided out-of-the-box—or easily add your own knowledge articles for improved customer and technician experience.