Using SEND

Unscheduled Outages is just one example:

  • Notifies users and blocks applications from being launched during an outage, stopping support calls and slashing peer support
  • Updates keep the affected users informed during outages, reducing user frustration.
  • Alerts all affected users as soon as the application is available for use, minimising the impact of the outage on productivity.

Not only can SEND communicate exclusively with those users affected by an outage and remove forever the need to manually update large distribution lists, it has multiple other benefits over email, that are designed to save you time, money and increase productivity.



A SEND Story: Managing a major incident or outage


  • Identify

    Application support has identified that there ERP system has to be taken down and patched after a failed upgrade

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  • Notify

    A SEND Notification is dispatched to inform users that the system will be down for unplanned maintenance.

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  • Restrict

    When a users try to access the system, then SEND message appears with pertinent information regarding the outage, including when the system will be available again.

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  • Fix

    While application support is applying the patch, the Service Desk is able to focus on other issues, maintaining Service Level Agreements

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  • Update

    Only users directly affected by the outage and key stakeholders are kept informed. SEND automatically records which users have been impacted during the outage and targets updates to them.

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  • Restore

    Once the patch or fix is implemented and tested, the users are notified immediately that the system has been restored.

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  • Satisfy

    I.T has proven they know their customers. The situation was expertly controlled end to end and users were able to adjust their workload to stay productive.

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