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IT Service Management reporting across the enterprise, predesigned for common ITSM applications, infinitely customisable by business users.

Reports, Dashboards and KPIs. Deployed within days. Powered by SAP BusinessObjects.

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SMI Reporting Suite

SMI Suite comprises solutions, integration connectors and reporting modules that interact seamlessly with each other but can be used separately as well: 

  • Solutions provide you with pre-configured universe models, start-up reports and dashboards for various ITSM applications.
  • Integration Connectors offer connectivity to an array of data sources.
  • Reporting modules offer additional reporting functionality, such as support for mobile devices


SMI Suite is the enterprise platform for ITSM reporting and dashboarding

In fact, SMI Suite is the only out-of-the-box reporting platform, providing significant cost savings over homebrew alternatives. SMI Suite offers faster turnaround times than applications that rely on a technical specialist and puts reporting power directly in the hands of ITSM process staff.

Why choose SMI Suite?

SMI Suite comes with solutions that have been predesigned for various ITSM applications
As organizations will attest to, modeling the reporting business layer requires both business and technical knowledge and is hence both costly and time consuming. Westbury has therefore predesigned the reporting business layer for various ITSM applications, offering solutions that incorporate extensive domain knowledge and integrate instantaneously with the ITSM applications in your enterprise.

SMI Suite provides you with a single platform for reporting on all your ITSM applications, across the enterprise
SMI Suite provides you with a single platform for reporting on all your ITSM applications. Data from multiple sources is easily combined to provide a comprehensive view of your business processes.

SMI Suite empowers your business users with self-service reporting
SMI Suite puts the power of reporting directly in the hands of ITSM staff, opening the door to increased efficiency, initiative-taking and lateral thinking in process improvement. SMI Suite gives business users the tools they need to drive forward improvement themselves.

With SMI Suite you are up and running in just ten days
A 10-day implementation isn’t just an empty marketing promise, it’s the typical turnaround time for new users of SMI Suite. We bring 12 years of specialized expertise in reporting from ITSM solutions, and an extensive library of reports and dashboards, to make sure you can gain immediate insight into your ITSM environment.

SMI Suite is not only cheaper, it also lowers your other costs
With SMI Suite’s advanced scheduling and distribution, you can automate many publishing functions, reducing report redundancy. You can even use the same report for many different groups, with the data in each iteration restricted according to recipient. The upshot is a massive reduction in man hours that would otherwise be required to manually perform these tasks.